Online Libraries

Ludwig von Mises Institute
The home of Austrian Economics, the Institute’s online library has a huge collection of books on economics, politics, philosophy and law. Most of the material is in pdf format, rest in html. The books, papers and essays include those by authors such as-

Foundation for Economic Education
FEE’s Freedom Library has a few books on economics, politics and law, most notably, Henry Hazlitt’s book – “Economics in One Lesson”.

Liberty Fund
The Liberty Fund’s Online Library of Liberty has a substantial offering on subjects such as economics, political theory, philosophy, religion, law, literature. To browse its books by collections to which they belong, visit this page.

Internet Archive
Internet Archive’s Text Archive has the biggest collection of online books (a million plus) of them all, and in multiple languages. The books are scanned copies of public domain books from various participating libraries. IA also hosts books from the Million Book Project.

Note on IA:
While IA offers the books in various formats – pdf, flipbook (using javascript and scans to generate a book within your browser), djvu (pronounced deja vu) and text, in my opinion, the djvu version is the superior one. You will need a software that reads djvu files – get the DjVuLibre DjView software for your operating system.
When you search for a book and click on a result, you are led to the book’s page – Theodor Gomperz’s Greek Thinkers (Volume 4), for example. To download the djvu version, follow the link that says “All Files: HTTP”, and you will be led to this page. From the various versions listed, select and download the djvu version.


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