A Little Lower Than the Angels
wgreen’s pro-liberty blog.

Sauvik Chakraverti is a journalist, classical liberal, and winner of the Frederic Bastiat Prize for Journalism for the year 2002. Antidote was the column that he used to write for the Economic Times. And that is the name of his blog. Archives of his newspaper columns are available online at the Center for Civil Society.

For Truth
K.M’s Objectivist blog.

Muse Free
Abhishek Saha writes on lots of things including liberty and how it is under attack, in America and elsewhere. And he commits thought crimes, or does he?

Organizations and Markets
An economics blog run by economists in academia.

Pramod Biligiri
Pramod’s livejournal blog about politics, and liberty, and economics.

Riding the Elephant
Fortune magazine’s former India correspondent, John Elliott, writes about political and economic matters concerning India and the subcontinent.

Rule of Reason, The
An Objectivist blog run by The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism.

Skepticism – The Unbearable Nakedness of Climate Change
Maurizio Morabito writes about the scam that is anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

libertarian think tanks
Libertarianism is a political philosophy which celebrates individualism and the right to life, speech, liberty and property. While there are many different schools of thought, these principles lie at the root of most of them.

Without philosophy, life has no meaning. Even those who never give a thought to the things they do everyday, unconsciously act on the basis of some default philosophy. Visit the following websites and understand what philosophy is all about.

Swaminathan A. Aiyar’s contrarian take on matters economic and political.

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