Cline’s post

The TSA is deserving of every bit of criticism it has earned, both as a functioning bureaucracy and as a product of government policies. It is staffed by thousands of careless, indiscriminate, prostituting, ignorant drones. I no longer consider them as Americans, but as an alien presence in our midst, as alien as the mindless followers of Islam. So, please, no one remind me or any other liberty-loving American that they are just “doing their job” or that they do not establish policy, or that they are just “following orders.” That’s the Nuremberg trial defense.

reminded me of this passage from Ken Follett’s Triple

Borg said, “You know, with most of my people I don’t feel obliged to argue politics every time I give them an assignment. They just take orders, like operatives are supposed to.”
“I don’t believe you,” Dickstein said. “This is a nation of idealists, or it’s nothing.”
“I once knew a man called Wolfgang. He used to say, ‘I just take orders.’ Then he used to break my leg.”
“Yeah,” Borg said. “You told me.”

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