The tree that croaks without respite

TOI’s “The Speaking Tree” at its mindfucking best-

Destroy your mind. Only then you can know Vedanta.

Vidyaranya Swami says, “Mind verily is the root of the tree of samsara with thousands of sprouts, branches and leaves. To suppress sankalpas — thoughts and imagination — it is essential to devitalise the mind by forceful effort and destroy it. By doing so, the tree of samsara will wither away.”


If you overcome your mind, you have overcome the world because the mind alone is the root cause of all that one experiences in the world. It is only when the mind attains the state of no-mind-ness (amani bhava) that one becomes happy, blissful and altruistic in life.

If you want to be happy, go into a comatose state. Where the mind is dead, happiness reigns. Destroy your mind. With gurus like these, and a newspaper that enables them, who needs enemies. They are Hinduism’s answer to Medusa.

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