A couple of humorous exchanges from the talk pages of certain articles. From the one on Vidal

This article is absolutely awful. I can’t believe that the entry for a man who is arguably the best essayist of the twentieth century and possesses undeniably superb ability in writing prose is so, so, terrible. Wikipedia editors should be ashamed that they spend so little time on articles of paramount importance and instead write ones about obscure villages in Albania to raise the encyclopedia’s article count.

The article is incomplete, does not make sense in multiple places, contradicts itself in multiple places, is laden with bias and opinion, has misleading information, and does not do an ounce of justice to the complex and interesting life Vidal has led. Please, fix these errors before everyone with more knowledge than a seventh-grader finds Wikipedia to be a horrid maelstrom of ridiculous and useless facts that leave the real gems in history permanently tarnished.


Unfortunately, I lack the time to make any serious contribution to this article. But people on Wikipedia seem to have so much time, given their lengthy articles on obscure topics. If there can be featured articles on Spoo, Exploding whales and Space opera in Scientology doctrine, not to mention a gigantic taskforce dedicated entirely to deciding which of these ridiculous pieces should dress the main page on April Fool’s Day, there absolutely must be someone out there who has the necessary leisure to improve this article to a level above “start” class.

While this isn’t as sarcastic as the one above, it did make me smile-

Hi all, I’m about halfway through reading Jude the Obscure and wanted to get a little more info on Hardy’s life and other works. I came to the “Novels” section and was suddenly, without any kind of warning, informed about the [….] Now, I seriously have no idea how the book ends, so for all I know Jude may […], but somehow I doubt that’s what happens. Please have consideration for readers who might actually be engrossed in the book and not want to know how it ends and include a &#$#!* spoiler warning. Yours, with no small amount of wrath, […]

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