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While searching for something, I ended up on the Atlas Society website and was pleasantly surprised to find that the cursed Atlas Shrugged film is finally under way. (The vitriolic discussions on the IMDb board were the ones that had rekindled my interest in Rand in early 2007; Vadim Perelman had been linked to the project in those days.)

Some observations-
* A couple of House M.D. alumni are part of the cast, Edi Gathegi (“Big Love”) as Eddie Willers, and Michael O’Keefe (guest star Fletcher Stone) as Hugh Akston.
* Dagny Taggart is being played by a 25-year old.
* And Ellis Wyatt by some one who’s sixty.
* In the first part (of the planned three parter), the director plays Galt’s head.
* It’s very interesting that the interviewer and the director bring up Sky Captain while talking about “tomorrowness” because that was the first thing that I thought about when I first watched that film: what if Atlas Shrugged were made like this. These people probably don’t have the budget for it, and I can’t really put it in words. If you see Sky Captain, you’ll know what I mean.
* The director has no idea what the characters are all about-

GM: To return to the themes of the novel. Do you think the characters are beyond good and evil, beyond morality in a Nietzschean sense?

PJ: I really believe that. I really believe that.

GM: That they’re these Promethean, Titanic figures who are above such things?

PJ: I really believe that. Rand uses a lot of things like good and evil in her text but I don’t think she really believed those ideas. It’s like what Oscar Wilde said … I don’t know the exact quote – he said that a book can either be poorly written or well written, but it can’t be evil.

GM: But the novel has that Nietzschean overtone to it.

PJ: Absolutely.

She didn’t believe in good and evil. OMG.

I’ll say this about the attempt. At least someone’s trying to make the damn thing! Its been thirty years now and Rand heads the long list of saboteurs!

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