Friedman, The Yes Men and Friedman

There are two interesting things as far as the recent Yes Men film is concerned (get it here). One, they blame Milton Friedman, the “guru of greed,” his cult, and capitalism for everything that is wrong with the world, including government incompetence, and then think that if only the government had been like this, or like that, things would have been different. Not surprisingly, Friedman-baiter Naomi Klein is credited somewhere in the end. Maybe they should have spent some time exploring the question of whether or not government is defective by design. And the joke they play on economist Richard Ebeling (FEE, Mises Institute etc) is in very bad taste. The only image they can come up with in relation to freedom is a display of libertinism.

Two, to their credit, they spend a good half-hour on their hoodwinking of the BBC w.r.t. the Bhopal tragedy, and the aftermath. The most horrifying part of that segment was a trick they pull on a seminar on risk measurement an talk about a form of acceptable loss of life, and someone, a banker, actually comes and tells them he finds it very “refreshing.” How much is someone else’s life worth? A hundred bucks? Two hundred? Refreshing.

David Friedman has placed the full text of his book, The Machinery of Freedom, in pdf form on his website.

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