Rothbard writing about his philosophical position vis-a-vis that of Mises-

Mises, despite his bitter criticisms (and correct ones) against the positivists, has accepted the crucial point of their position—that values are only subjective and a matter of taste or “emotion” that cannot be decided on rational grounds. What I have done is to go back to the “classical” ethical position that, aiming as we must at individual man’s happiness, there is a “science” of ethics, which can formulate the rules for such “virtuous” action.

If one looks at three people, Rand, Rothbard and Mises, one finds:
* in ethics, Rand and Rothbard (natural rights theory) vs. Mises (utilitarianism).
* in politics, Rand and Mises (limited government) vs. Rothbard (anarcho-capitalism).

Complete agreement on such issues, even among otherwise intelligent people, seems to be a rare commodity.

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