Mukherjee and the market

This is a four-day old story and Sauvik has already written about it, Pranab Mukherjee’s false claim that prices are rising because of shortage of essential commodities. The truth is, the government “stimulated,” and the inflation happened. Even if one were to accept his claim though, it still shows the screwed up nature of the command economy. This is what he said in parliament-

“It is a matter of concern that prices of food items are increasing and we are taking all possible action. However, I can’t bridge the gap of 3-4 million tonnes of pulses if it is not available in the market.

True. The government is incapable of producing a single pin, leave alone millions of tons of food grains. If it took over the entire economy, we would end up with the USSR, Mao’s China or North Korea and tens of millions dead. And these people blame the market.

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