“Fools. You cut your own throats.”

Andrew Bolt from Australia-

HERE’S a test of the media’s health. Search on Google for the term “Climategate”. Wow: 18.6 million mentions already.

Now search for “Climategate” on the ABC’s online site. Er, just two? And one just a reader’s retort?

Do the same search at The Age and the results show much the same wild mismatch. And in that cavern is where blogs now bloom, and some papers die.


So why so little mainstream reporting of it? Let me answer by anecdote.

Here’s Jon Faine, ABC Melbourne 774 morning host, explaining why he will not even discuss Climategate: “I decided that it wasn’t (significant) and we wouldn’t spend time on it. It suits the conspiracy theorists beautifully.”

By “conspiracy theorists”, Faine, a passionate warmist, meant “sceptics”.


The moral: the tens of thousands of Australians who’ve searched for news on Climategate will have found that they cannot trust the mainstream media to give them even the bare facts.

They must turn to the internet instead, and especially to blogs they trust to speak freely. So for all those in the ABC and Age who deplore the influence of my blog, thanks for my record traffic over these past two weeks.

Fools. You cut your own throats.

As for India, the same scenario plays itself. The Times even had a report that Bombay, Madras etc will be buried under gazillion feet of water in 2100. Can’t sit in freshly painted, air-conditioned, green rooms, run starve-yourself-to-death-athons, sit-in-the-dark-athons, and walk-to-copenhagen-athons, and question the greenery can you? So much for reporting facts, possessing integrity, and similar hot air. I might put this down to cluelessness. But there are some stories, India related stories, which get spun in various ways, or are buried altogether. The why was explained by Raju Narisetti in a comment to the NYT, which nearly every newspaper in the country somehow forgot to print. Also read this piece about the courageous journalists at the Indian Express.

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