Three interesting pieces on religion. An interview with Sadanand Dhume on the death of pluralism in Indonesia, wherein he defines secularism. Liberhan, and the pseudo-seculars, and the “pseudo-moderates” should take note-

What are your thoughts on secularism in India.
I am a secularist in the Kemalist tradition or the French laïcité tradition. This means a complete separation between State and religion. We don’t have that in India. We should be comfortable with being able to point out the deficiencies of our varied faiths, Hinduism inclusive. This is not what we do. So while mine may not be the most pragmatic form of secularism, it is certainly more principled.

Akbar writing about 1992 and the crookedness of the Congress-

Justice M S Liberhan did not need 17 years and a thousand pages to tell us what has been public knowledge since December 6, 1992. The Babri mosque was not torn down in the dark of night. It was brought down slowly, stone by stone, in Sunday sunlight, before hundreds of journalists, to the cheers of countless thousands of kar sewaks in and around Ayodhya. The mosque was not dynamited in a minute; it was demolished by crowbar and shovel.


Shock raced through Delhi when word filtered through that an assault had begun in Ayodhya. Phone calls began to pour into the prime minister’s residence in the hope that he would use the authority of the state to uphold the rule of law and fulfil a political and moral obligation. There was a monstrous response from the prime minister’s personal secretary. The PM was either unavailable or, worse, asleep. It was a lie. Rao’s inaction and Chavan’s collaboration were deliberate.

Churumuri, while linking to Sudheendra Kulkarni’s defense of Vajpayee, writes about the now-beyond-redemption BJP-

Without calling the former prime minister to the witness box and without giving him a chance to explain, Liberhan calls Vajpayee a “pseudo-moderate” who can be held “culpable” of the crime of being [sic] the country to the point of communal discord by his “sins of omission”.

Given that the great voice of Vajpayee is now at the mercy of a voice-box, he cannot even defend himself from the miscarriage of justice at the hands of a judge. However, it speaks for the state of the saffron scrum that no one but no one has mounted a defence of a defenceless man.

The party with a difference. Why not simply call itself Congress J?

“Pseudo-secular” was a labeling device, a political ploy, introduced to counter “communal.” The Justice, Manmohan Two, is not above politics, it seems.

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  • yet_another_hindu_infidel  On November 30, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    it all shall fall by the grace of the people. one day. the congress will fall by the grace of the people.

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