Bhagwati on protectionism

An interesting interview with Jagdish Bhagwati where he talks about protectionism and free trade. He mentions global warming too-

I think it depends on the way you do it. First, you’ve got to decide whether there is a problem of an externality. I have doubts about these scientists who claim to have a consensus on global warming because, you know, Freeman Dyson, a great scientific figure, says these guys are really low-level scientists and I’m told by many that they, in fact, are. And if they reach a consensus, I don’t care. I mean, that’s the consensus of incompetents.

But so long as only the scientists were talking about global warming, nobody paid the slightest attention. Remember, not a single senator voted for the Kyoto resolution back in the ’90s. Even Al Gore and Clinton had to walk away from Kyoto. But then the polar bears were threatened, the glaciers began to melt, and then that great French film about the penguins which touched all our hearts came out. So these were three whammies. Even if you live in Peoria you will understand, wrongly maybe, that global warming is a problem. I tell all my students: If they think of something like that for free trade, please let me know.

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  • yet_another_hindu_infidel  On November 19, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    regarding global warming, it’s deniers have always questioned whether the earth’s temperature had actually altered drastically but once they re-named global warming to climate change, the same group of deniers started arguing whether it was human-induced or not. CC debunkers and economists, i think they are one and the same person with a little juice of paranoia. they are scared that economic slowdown will prove dangerous just like people like me who think CC is human induced.

    Freeman Dyson, a great scientific figure, says these guys are really low-level scientists
    that doesn’t sound like a great scientist to me. frustrated maybe. but why did he get frustrated?

    So these were three whammies.
    bhagwati is more interested in scoring brownie points than to try to figure out the “controversy”. his assessment sounds like a “ridicule” and less of a debunk. he too sounds frustrated. dear aristotle, are you frustrated also?

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