A beautiful place

Our world, that is. Given the recent incidents in Australia, and the incident with Air France in Paris, and the tendency of the Indian media to see racism anywhere and everywhere, except in its own backyard [edit: it does, sometimes, as a formality], this TOI piece comes as a surprise – in a way. The cynic in me says that its an opportunistic plant. That doesn’t, however, make the story any less infuriating.

On the subject of prejudice, this is something I have linked to in the past-

…But then, another joke about racists does happen to state that the breed is like drunkards — because everything they say ends in a slur. This, rather sadly, can happen even inadvertently, given a peculiar climate. Another tale says it rather well. A man walks into a park and sees a savage dog attack a child, he attacks the dog and after a fight the dog dies. Of course, a crowd has collected and a journalist asks the man who he is and why he did what he did. “I am a Muslim and I believe in Allah,” says the man. The next day’s newspaper headline: “Muslim fundamentalist kills dog!”

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