Oliva on Obama-

The thing to keep in mind here is that Obama is not like Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin. He’s not trying to build an empire that he can rule for life. He’s incapable of even looking past the 2012 presidential election. His goal is to plunder the nation into as much chaos as he can get away with while providing quick-fix “solutions” that will enhance his immediate political power. He’s a short-termer like every U.S. president that came before him (except perhaps Franklin D. Roosevelt.)

This is what people never learn about “democracy” — when you separate political authority from private property, you end up with an oligarchy that always seeks instant gratification. There is no incentive for Obama, or any other elected president, to pursue prudent, long-term strategy. That’s a function of ownership and capital, not temporary political authority.

Don Boudreaux links to a letter from Barney Frankenstein and the US House of Crooks-

A private citizen objects peacefully to a proposed government action, and, as a result, is not only forced to appear before Congress to explain but also to be threatened with further burdens if he doesn’t cooperate with the arrogant power-mongers on Capitol Hill….

Visit Cafe Hayek to read the letter. I will quote the first paragraph-

Dear Mr. Frey:

We were outraged to read in today’s New York Times that you are actively opposing our efforts to achieve a diminution in foreclosures by voluntary efforts. Your decision is a serious threat to our efforts to respond to the current economic crisis, and we strongly urge you to reverse it. Given the importance of this to the economy and to what it means for future regulatory efforts, we have set a hearing for November 12, and we invite you now to testify. We believe it is essential for our policymaking function for you to appear at such a hearing, and if this cannot be arranged on a voluntary basis, then we will pursue further steps…

What does the US constitution say about the House of Representatives having the power to threaten US citizens to sacrifice all in the supreme national interest? Who cares.

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  • newsreelneil  On May 18, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Obama is simply a puppet of the New World Order. It should be obvious to all at this stage that he is not the messiah. He has lied about everything he has said he would do. He’s allowed his banker friends on Wall Street to plunder America for 14 TRILLION dollars. He’s pro abortion, pro war, pro torture and his criminal elite buddy Kissenger has told foreign governments not to worry about the US as everyone will be disarmed by September this year. People in America need to arm themselves and start saving and growing their own food where possible. This is a SERIOUS situation which is spreading across the world. This is for REAL! It’s not a time to panic, it’s a time to take action and organise for whatever is coming after September. That’s not to say that people shouldn’t prepare as quickly as possible. You need to organise in your neighbourhood to resist the coming facist/communist system. When they’re leading you to the concentration camp, stripping you naked and telling you to get in the shower, IT’S TOO LATE! ACT NOW! Unfortunate i the UK and Ireland we have no access to guns, it’s going to be scary here when the time comes but I’m getting prepared. My wife thinks |I’m overreacting by saving dry foods etc and growing our own. I don’t care, it’s about survival. When my actions now are helping to feed us and my wife’s family who live pretty near it’ll be worth it.
    ORGANISE & start talking to people. This is literally life and death. Your life is worth saving so start doing it now!

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