Perverse logic

As everybody knows, India is full of busybodies – people who have nothing better to do than spend their time and energy in thinking up plans on how to force people to do things they don’t want to do, and take them to court if they don’t do it. Here’s another example

“Each voter must be forced to vote,” [cardiologist Sarode’s] counsel argued. “But how do you enforce compulsory voting by voters? asked the [Supreme Court] Bench probably hearing such a plea for the first time, though a pending PIL is seeking a right for the voter to cast a negative vote saying none of the candidates in the fray were worth his vote.

The response shocked the Bench, for the counsel suggested that those who do not vote could face disconnection of their electricity and water supplies or be even saddled with a fine.

If I become PM, the first thing I will do is bring in a law against busybodies – the men who flogged Chand Bibi will be imported from Swat and appointed Chief Floggers, and every busybody will be publicly flogged on Independence Day at Rajpath. Idiots.

Then here’s the case of Gill’s danda

Angry at the ‘cavalier’ attitude of cricketing icons towards the Padma awards, the sports ministry asked the home ministry on Thursday to make it compulsory for the awardees to receive the honour in person, failing which, they must seek prior “apology” for being unable to do so.

He thinks its an honor. I think its an insult. Forcing people to accept an award – a feudal mentality at display. Not to be outdone, some busybody has filed a case against both Dhoni and Singh. Where’s my turban? Where’s my cane? And where’s Rajpath?

And here’s an inane editorial from the Times. Seems the editor received the same government subsidized education that I received. I learned my lessons. He apparently didn’t-

They’re tossing tea bags into the White House lawns and staging tea party protests on Tax Day all over America, while the governor of Texas darkly hinted that his state might have reason to secede from America if federal taxes weren’t lowered. The reference is to the Boston tea party of 1773, which ignited the American revolution. While the colonists were protesting taxes imposed on them when they weren’t allowed elected representatives two centuries ago, that logic doesn’t hold this time. After all President Barack Obama, against whom the current protests are directed, just got elected. The protest therefore seems to be against taxes. And an effort to give the Right something to yell about.


What tea party protesters have overlooked is that with growing job losses in the US people are looking to government to bail them out, but that isn’t possible if the government has no money.

That’s precisely it, dodo. They don’t want to pay to bail someone else out. Further, the American Revolution wasn’t just about representation, it was about T-Y-R-A-N-N-Y. You see, logic isn’t taught in Indian schools. Neither is thinking. Hence we memorize stuff, and out-dodo each other.

Sometimes I think the wrong people are locked up in jails and mental asylums.

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  • yet_another_hindu_infidel  On April 18, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Me, and thousands of others in this country like me, are half-baked, because we were never allowed to complete our schooling. Open our skulls, look in with a penlight, and youll find an odd museum of ideas: sentences of history or mathematics remembered from school textbooks (no boy remembers his schooling like one who was taken out of school, let me assure you), sentences about politics read in a newspaper while waiting for someone to come to an office, triangles and pyramids seen on the torn pages of the old geometry textbooks which every tea shop in this country uses to wrap its snacks in, bits of All India Radio news bulletins, things that drop into your mind, like lizards from the ceiling, in the half hour before falling asleep — all these ideas, half formed and half digested and half correct, mix up with other half-cooked ideas in your head, and I guess these half-formed ideas bugger one another, and make more half-formed ideas, and this is what you act on and live with.

    “The thing is, he probably has…what, two, three years of schooling in him? He can read and write, but he doesnt get what hes read. Hes half-baked. The country is full of people like him, Ill tell you that. And we entrust our glorious parliamentary democracy” — he pointed at me — “to characters like these. Thats the whole tragedy of this country.”

    ~~~aravinda adiga, the white tiger

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