Describing his government?

An interview given by Chidambaram to TOI-

Q. It marks a departure from what is considered the `root cause’ approach?
Well I don’t think naxalites are motivated by any ideology. Maybe one or two of them are ideologically motivated but most of them are simply bandits.

“Bandit” would be an apt description for any government functionary or politician. The ridiculous thing here, however – if I am not reading too much into it – is that it seems Chidambaram would probably take a lenient view of naxalism if they “were” motivated by an ideology. But they are – they don’t believe in rights of any kind – life, property, speech. At least most democratic governments pretend like they do. The naxalites don’t even do that.

First the State interfered in the lives of tribals and villagers – it laid down thousands of rules and said that forests are public property. And while it grabbed trillions of dollars from tax payers for “development,” all the money was swallowed by middlemen. With no livelihood and no property, and having to face harassment from crooked government employees, they naturally turned towards the naxalites who “promised” to help them. But they hardly knew that that naxals were bigger thieves and murderers than the government. And now its nothing but a gang war – an official gang vs. an unofficial gang. On the principle of “the lesser evil”, we support the State.

Chidambaram keeps giving interviews. His predecessor kept changing his clothes. People keep dying. India.

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  • yet_another_hindu_infidel  On April 18, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    these naxals have become like our very own taliban – hard to neutralize them. we need some kind of an anti-naxal revolution to get rid of these pests. but the fact is, nobody cares. if there was a will then it could have been done – watch the situation in srilanka as it reverses.

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