Two articles

…by Jug Suraiya that you should read if you haven’t. This was today-

What we call the gaining of independence from British rule was one of the biggest political conjuring tricks of history. For when the British quit India they were substituted by rulers who, increasingly, have proved even more exploitative and repressive than our former colonial masters. If the British mantra to ensure our subjugation was ‘Divide and rule’, the formula for success for our new masters can be summed up as ‘Progress hatao, garibi bachao’. It is a brilliant formula, guaranteeing the perpetuation in power of those who employ it.

and this was three weeks back-

John Morton, chancellor of the exchequer for Henry VII of England, devised a formula for taxation which came to be known as ‘Morton’s fork’. If you seemed prosperous and lived well, it was obvious that you could afford to pay higher taxes. On the other hand, if you seemed poor and lived frugally it was equally obvious that you were stashing away all your money and could therefore afford to pay more taxes. Morton had a twin-pronged taxation fork; gormint of India has a myriad-pronged cutlery set.

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