Stop collecting taxes…

…and we will pay for our own security. Or don’t provide security and pray that Mumbai ’08 doesn’t happen again.

A Churumuri post on the Indian Premier League

Why isn’t Chidambaram or anybody else asking the big question:

“Why should the “State” spend crores of rupees to provide the security for what is purely a private event staged in private stadiums by a conglomeration of private clubs played by private players who are the property of private owners who have their own private rules to promote their private businesses?“

Lalit Modi is on record in today’s newspapers as saying that IPL will spend 10 times more money to take care of the security of players in Season 2. That’s a signal to the foreign players who have expressed apprehension after the Bombay and Lahore attacks.

But what about the spectators?

Why doesn’t the BCCI and IPL which are expected to make hundreds of crores this year, spend 10 per cent of that on security for the paying public, instead of expecting “the system” to do so at its expense? (emphasis not mine)

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