The right Larry, Comrade Obama etc

There are two Larrys in the US – The wrong Larry (Summers), and the right Larry (White). Listen to the right Larry.

Mr. Almost Everyone thinks that “Politics trumps economics.” He is right, for the wrong reason. Read Mr. Almost Everyone’s reasoning. A commentator is not happy with either Mr. Everyone or Obama. He writes-

Don’t worry..ObamaNation announced a new plan this morning, the Special Holdings Investmetn Trust..It will make the boo-boo feel better. But if you have come to realize that this Lenist with no experience is on track to be one of the greatest destroyers of wealth of all time, then consider this instead:

Come to the Chicage Tea Party….July 4, 2009

Comrade Premier Obama: We want our money back….You can keep The Change

I agree. Obama should keep “The Change,” and “do nothing” for sometime.

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