“Absolute submission”

Eternal wisdom (or unadulterated nonsense, as I call it) from the pages of the Times of India; revelation, not reason, as epistemology-

Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj said, “There are two approaches: agamanatmak and nigamanatmak. Nigamanatmak is usually taken as perfect means of judgment. We can conclude that all men are mortal hence there is no need to find out how they are mortal. Normally this judgment is acceptable to all. If we judge on the basis of nigamanatmak, we can conclude that a human is mortal. However, one may ask how was it concluded that all humans are mortal?

“The followers of the nigamanatmak process would like to verify and test before concluding. We can make a study that the person died, and then another died and then another and so on. Since whosoever we have observed has died, we may conclude that all humans are mortal. But this process has one major flaw, that is, our limitation. We have never come across a human who is immortal. The power of our senses is limited. Thus we cannot rely on this process of judgment. We have to follow the other method, agamanatmak, which, filled with absolute knowledge, is faultless. This is the same system followed by the Vedas.”

As conditioned souls our senses are imperfect. The sense organs have their own limits. Our eyes cannot see beyond a certain distance, sound is not audible to us beyond certain decibels, our limbs may get tired after a brisk walk of a few kilometres, our stomach cannot digest everything we eat, our teeth cannot chew everything, and so on. So we often tend to judge the situation imperfectly, which leads to imperfect judgment. The decision may sound good at that instant but the fate or result is never known till that decision is acted upon. That is why acquiring perfect knowledge is essential.

One way to gain perfect knowledge is through sharanagati or absolute submission. The Supreme Lord is Supreme in all aspects. He is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and He is All-Bliss. By the grace of Absolute knowledge we can get complete knowledge. Grace descends to a surrendered soul. All desires will be fulfilled if one submits unconditionally to the Supreme.

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