Sauvik explains “The Purpose of Law”

The other day, I came across a young lad, known to be bright in school, who had secured admission to the prestigious Symbiosis School of Law in Pune. At the time of our meeting, the dude had already undergone three years of training in The Law. In order to test his fundas, I posed him a simple question:

What is the purpose of The Law?

His answer: The Law is an instrument of social control.

You cannot get it more wrong than that.


A Rule of Law Society is based on three pillars: Property, Contracts and Torts. Each of these pillars of The Law are meant for the protection and safety of the citizen. With his Property protected by Law, the citizen is secure, his possessions are securely his; and not only that, when he wills his property to his descendants, these descendants are secure and protected too. No bully can interfere and hijack property. As John Locke wrote in 1690: “Where there is no Property, there is no Justice.”

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