His Craziness

I have read two very cynical (read this to know what that word means for me) pieces about Obama and his policies over the last few days.

The first one is by Edward Cline – “Mending the Fabric” – where he explains what “gratification” he finds in writing about, in the words of a commentator, “the decline and possible fall of the United States of America under Bush…and now Obama.”-

Some “gratification” occurs when I have identified something that imperils my life and that of the country. It occurs also when I am able to articulate my observations and concerns. Writing about such matters is an invaluable aid to grasping the fundamentals of any issue. I do not envy the many individuals I encounter who share my awareness and concerns (not only about Bush, Obama, Islam, etc.) but who are unable to articulate them. The only alternative to focusing on such matters is to install a governor in one’s mind and to say nothing.

There is another value to dwelling on the ubiquitous sordidness, political folly, and venal conspiracies in our culture: catharsis. If I could not or did not actively identify and articulate my concerns, I should go mad. Therefore, I purge myself of frustration, helplessness and anger by pointing fingers and saying that the king wears no other clothes but a swastika armband or a hammer-and-sickle toga.


An element of bitterness and despair redounds throughout the respondent’s advice, which I have often felt in my career, perhaps more poignantly than he has experienced, for I have been in the front lines for decades. I have been rebuffed, ignored, and derogated more times than he could imagine. The antidote to such bitterness and despair is to act, regardless of the expected outcome. The only action open to me in today’s circumstances is to write. To allow apathy, deafness, and decadence to discourage and silence me would be to surrender existence and my life to them without a fight.

No one, at least not worldly-wise people like me, expected that Obama would be bringing about some kind of miraculous change; “change.gov” was, is and will continue to be an advertising campaign. Most people went for him because anyone would be better than a third Republican administration (at least that’s what I would like to think). But Obama has not covered himself with glory. For all his supposed intelligence, he refuses to see that following the financial policies of his predecessor will only make things worse; that sometimes the best thing to do is to “do nothing.” S.M. Oliva at the Mises blog says that this is the end of the road; that Obama was the last gambit-

Barack Obama is stupid. This isn’t a case of name-calling.


While the oligarchy presented Obama as the candidate of “hope” – incidentally, they used the same word for Bill Clinton, who was literally born in a “place called Hope” – a more accurate descriptor is “desperation”. Starting with the coronation 17 days ago, there has been panic throughout Washington; many in the oligarchy recognize that there is no play after Obama. After Clinton and Bush, the public won’t be duped again into placing their economic destiny in the hands of a man with no obvious qualifications or talents. Playing upon Obama’s skin color was the last trump card, but the effect is temporary and already dissipating. After this, what can the oligarchy try? Maybe Sarah Palin, but that could provoke civil war within the oligarchy. The terrifying truth is that after the orgy of political consumption that was the Obama presidential campaign, the bubble has burst, and elections will cease to be relevant going forward. Without the power to manufacture consent, the entire fabric of the United States – as a political entity, not a society – will swiftly crumble.

Incidentally, both Cline and Oliva use the word “fabric” while referring to the United States. One talks about it crumbling, the other talks about stitching a new one, not mending the existing one.

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