“An Indian Prime Minister is never asked to give alms to the homeless sleeping on the stairs of St James in London”

So says Tarun Vijay in his “The Right View” column – “The new proselytizers”. And then-

It is this English-speaking elite that determines what India must be reading or thinking or how Hindus must be behaving. They read about Hindus through Oxford or Cambridge publishers and show the temerity to sermonize those Hindus who have imbibed their dharma in their genes and lived every bit of it, making Kumbh melas possible and taking dips in the Ganga on the chilling mornings of Kartik and Magh. The secular proselytizer visits Kumbh, not as a devotee but as a photographer to take pictures of bathing Hindu women and sadhus using mobile phones, as if being sadhus they ought to live as cavemen. The pictures they wire to press agencies essentially depict the weird, intoxicated, obscene and the unacceptable face of uncivilized Hindus to the west.

They don’t know a bit about our faith, or what Magh, Amavasya or Saptami means. They take Sanskrit degrees in English and tell us, what’s the use of such knowledge in today’s world? To be futuristic means denouncing all that you have preserved since ages. That’s an alienated crowd of people with an accent, detached from the Indian reality.

They tell us, you bad guys, you demolished our Babri. Yet, not a single political party can dare to promise in its election manifesto that if it is voted to power, it would rebuild Babri over the present makeshift temple of Ram in Ayodhya. Their influence on the Indian masses is hardly worth noticing, yet their control on the media and political power centres makes them important. Their intellectual terror is so overpowering that today most of the national parties in India execute their proceedings in English. Poor and often unauthorized translations are dished out in Hindi and other Indian languages. The language, idiom and attitude of this “secular” English-speaking elite, controlling the media, advertising and governance remain alien to the indigenous fragrances which they dismiss as folk or ethnic contours, only to be enjoyed in a Suraj Kund mela.

The secular code is: abuse and misrepresent the facts about the opponents, use a pub incident in Mangalore more importantly than the anguish and pains of the soldiers demonstrating at Jantar Mantar, turn every news desk and edit control station into Godhra, throttling the other view point.

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  • undercover Indian  On February 13, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    Tarun Vijay is a strange name to have. Sounds like two persons, Tarun and Vijay. Sort of mixed up. His article has mixed up so many things from Barbi to Valentine to Godhra to slumdog, that I missed the whole point of his article.

    Did you understand what his peeve or point is?

  • Aristotle The Geek  On February 13, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    1. He is not happy with the way Hindu culture, or India, is being trampled upon by “firangi” thought, or brown “firangis” – Indians who behave like foreigners.
    2. The usual Islam vs. Hinduism thread is present – why only talk about and make films on how Muslims were murdered? Where are films on Hindus being killed in Kashmir and elsewhere; why don’t people protest against the actual talibani forces in Kashmir, but rise in anger against the acts of the SRS; and so on.

    This is the standard conservative vs. “liberal” argument, and while some part of Vijay’s writing sound like whining, he has a point there. I am not a big fan of “secularism” myself. See what the CPM is doing in West Bengal – crooks, all of them.

    Actually such sentiments are not just limited to India; Britain has its BNP, and every country has its own nationalist crowd. If you read my most of my posts of today, especially the ones on political correctness, they provide ample evidence of the fact. One day, there is going to be a strong backlash, one way or the other.

  • Undercover Indian  On February 13, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    No doubt he has some valid points. And I agree that most so called secularists leaders in India are dickheads , like Mulayam Singh Yadav e.g. Or Lalu Yadav who perhaps will never be able to spell it.

    But underlying message which I got from Tarun Vijay article is that “Since (some) muslims are bad, Hindus should be worse”. And if there are hindus (ignore secularists for now) who take objection to people like Muthalik speaking on behalf of all Hindus like Maulanas do in Islam, then they are labeled as westernized!!! Should Hindus not oppose SRS and such organizations , spreading like weeds, which want to hijack a religion which never had a pope or prophet!!

    Hinduism like India is not a monolithic entity and however hard people like Tarun Vijay try to make it that way, they wont succeed.

    He peeves about some national language. What language!!. He has bloody no idea. In my home state which has just 12 district, there are 100s of dialects some of which are so different that one need a translator. And native people are so possessive about their dialect that they deem themselves “different ” from others and want to preserve their own “culture and own language (dialect)”. They might get swayed once in while by BJP when they are shown bogey of Muslim dominating and annihilating Indian (Hindu) culture , but once that is in background, they will be divided among themselves on lines of their own mini “culture”, which would be based on different dialects and different sub-sub-sub-caste and even food they eat.

    And then Tarun Vijay has problem that west only sees our poverty and deprivation. Yeah, because it is so obvious to everybody except RSS types who want everybody, including slum dwellers to take pride in 5000 years old culture, even if now they have to live in squalor and shit. In golden period of Hindu empire, there were schools to teach bachelors, art of love or sex by … ahem…experienced “courtesans”. And now Muthalik and his ilk would not even want their women to have freedom of choice.

    I guess this comment is so mixed up now as Tarun Vijay’s article sounded to me ;)

  • Aristotle The Geek  On February 13, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    I hope you know who Vijay is; he is (was according to WP) the editor of Panchjanya – the RSS mouthpiece. I have seen him on a few news shows.

    I don’t think he’s saying what you suggest – Hindus should behave worse, or that all Indians who oppose SRS are westernized. He’s just saying that Hinduism gets too much flak while Islam is running riot just as much (or even more). In the same week that the Mangalore incident happened, this happened too. I didn’t see much noise in newspapers about it. And when the editor of a newspaper gets arrested for hurting religious feelings, no one speaks either (That actually goes for both sides – the BJP is doing the same thing in Karnataka.)

    That apart, Vijay is a pukka nationalist. And nationalism is a disease that draws a line between national and foreign culture – so dialects, and a thousand other eccentricities may be acceptable, as long as they are home grown, but foreign culture, or criticism is not.

  • you12  On February 13, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    That Vijay guy does get my marks for writing a semi-propaganda piece.Especially when you have a past like the one between Hindus and muslims,Full of blood and a whole bunch of people just not willing to listen to the other side or sometimes to any side.

    Although he raises an important point about selective media, its still a case of a hypocrite blaming the other hypocrite for hypocrisy.

  • you12  On February 14, 2009 at 12:05 am

    On the topic of media this makes for an interesting read I was smirking as I was reading the article:


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