I am thinking…

that Chyetanya got caught up in the mess because nearly every newspaper and online media site published his opinion in the wake of the terror attacks because it was “spicy”. And this includes NDTV – they publish reports syndicated from IANS. Particularly this December 5, 2008 IANS report. NDTV had it here, but they pulled it. So find the cached version here, till it lasts. Check result number 3 in the following google search. That one.

This Indian Express report of December 3 too carried his post. So did India Today the same day.

Well, while googling around, I came across a twitter reference that said that Pune Mirror had published something on this episode. And they did; its a column by Santanu Borah – “Blogspoilers ahead!” When MSM does manage an entry, its in tabloid form. Great.

Update [Feb 2, 1 am] :
Churumuri/ Sans Serif have posts in support of Kunte.

Media watchdog The Hoot has a neutral story which reprints both Kunte’s original post as well as the withdrawal. It writes-

The blogosphere has come out unreservedly in defence of a blogger whom they see being browbeaten by the legal clout of the mainstream press. Journalists posting on mailing lists such as New_Media_Forum wonder why bloggers think they should have the freedom to abuse without giving the person concerned the right to reply. Here are the orignal post and the one withdrawing it…

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