Milk and Cola

I am writing a film review – its an old film – and I was reminded of the Swaminomics article “Milk is more Dangerous than Cola”

Cola companies cite government surveys revealing pesticide levels 3,080 times higher in milk, 69,700 times higher in vegetables and 111,600 times higher in fruit than in the proposed cola standards. Nutritionists treat these items as dietary essentials, which are permitted high levels, unlike colas, which are inessential and merit microscopic pesticide levels.


Is milk an essential food? Not at all. Humans evolved for hundreds of thousands of years before herding cattle, and flourished despite drinking no milk. Even today, large parts of Africa and China drink no milk. It is not essential.

Indeed, milk is a health hazard. For millions of lactose-intolerant people, milk is a poison. Many city-folk know about lactose intolerance, but hundreds of millions of villagers do not, and kill or maim their children by dosing them with milk.

Humans are the only species to drink milk after being weaned from the breast. How do they achieve this feat? By drinking the milk of other creatures, something no other species does. Not surprisingly, drinking alien milk produces allergies and a host of other health problems. Evolution has not yet made humans proof against alien milk.
Hence a growing number of people have become vegans-they eat neither meat nor dairy products. They know milk is not essential, it is a hazard.


So, will any Indian NGO take up the challenge of denouncing milk as a health hazard? I doubt it. Bashing MNCs is much easier than bashing a sacred cow. Politicians and NGOs will point to the big employment yielded by milk production. For the sake of transparency, they should specify how many people they are prepared to see killed per thousand jobs created. Pretending that milk is essential and harmless is both false and non-transparent.

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  • Saurabh Gupta  On January 29, 2009 at 12:05 am

    so are you denouncing Milk or are you denouncing humans having anything that is essentially a animal product? I am surprised whenever such debates comes up anytime… Maneka claiming “look at my hale and healthy son, he have never fed him cow’s Milk” …
    My take – if you are able to substitute the nourishment from Milk with anything else, No Problem! but if you are not, do not take someone’s “good looking adages” at just face value… if humans have survived till date they have been able to do so by taking the opportunity to nourish itself from any possible source.. be it Horses, turtles, dogs, lizards, lobsters, chicken, prawns, oyster eggs, crocodile eggs, snakes or just plain white Milk … and i don’t think Colas can fit this list still :)

  • Aristotle The Geek  On January 29, 2009 at 12:50 am

    “so are you denouncing Milk or are you denouncing humans having anything that is essentially a animal product”
    Neither. What gave you that idea? People are free to eat, drink, smoke whatever they want. But people like Sunita Narain and Ramadoss don’t share that viewpoint. That’s what this post was about. As Swami says, if people worry about pesticide in colas, they should also worry about the same in milk and plain vanilla water. Lactose intolerance is a side issue, but its people’s choice. On my part, I don’t go beyond milk and eggs; milk works for me.

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