Hurt sentiments, episode 9

I have lost count of the number of posts I have written about stupid people and their stupid sentiments. I must have written at least eight of them over the previous year, and the year before that. So this is nine.

Sans Serif reports that two separate cases have been filed in Karnataka against a subsidiary of the Times of India, and the directors of the said subsidiary, for having “hurt the feelings of Christians” (complaint #1 by a local People’s Union for Civil Liberties branch official) and “endorsing the bashing of the minority community and seeking to create discord among various communities” (complaint #2 by a local Christian outfit).

When you have a fucked up law like the Indian Penal Code, its hardly a surprise that people with (communal) axes to grind make full use of it. Outfits like the VHP and Bajrang Dal resorted to the use of violence to make their voice heard; the Christian ones are doing it with the law. The blog asks-

Is the publication of any kind of content OK in the name of a public debate? Is it really the business of the media to maintain communal and societal peace and harmony, or is it of the “State”? Is it beyond the function of a newspaper or a writer to provoke readers because somebody might find it offensive?

If Christian literature published decades ago can be suddenly ferreted out and declared offensive to Hindus, are Christians wrong in finding offence in yesterday’s newspaper? Is it wrong for Muslims to feel offence if the Danish cartoons are republished in the name of “debate”?

Freedom of speech is the victim here, and this will continue as long as the State stops arming enemies of freedom with weapons of every kind – particularly the legal one.

In another crazy incident, Buddhist monks in Cambodia have managed to get a rock opera banned because “it insults Buddhism”-

Cambodia is predominantly Buddhist and monks are expected to be austere and eschew worldly pleasures such as entertainment.

“Some scenes in the story insult Buddhism,” the letter said in asking the ministry to “ban the performance and airing of the opera.”

The council objected to many scenes, including one in which the actor “left the monkhood and slept with a woman, but a moment later (he) put the robe back on to be a monk again…” said the letter, dated December 30.

The show “oppresses Cambodian Buddhist monks, causes more than 50,000 monks to loss their honour, value and to express frustration,” it added.

No wonder religion makes me angry. Maybe I should go and file a case under the IPC demanding that the government ban all religions because they are an insult to my atheism and my intelligence, and that they result in my not being able to enjoy worldly pleasures to their fullest extent. And if this is what the PUCL is up to in the name of “civil liberties”, then I won’t waste my sympathies on Binayak Sen.

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  • Milena Thomas  On January 4, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Hahah. Religion is incredibly far from the enemy. There are hurt feelings in the name of all sorts of things, from body fat composition to taste in music. Seriously – I think you nailed it the first time – stupid people are the problem.

    Furthermore, when the state intervenes on the behalf of stupid people for political gain, it encourages stupid people to become even more vocal. Even as a Catholic, I share your frustration.

  • Aristotle The Geek  On January 5, 2009 at 2:52 am

    General stupidity apart (you do have “liberals” and their hate-speech and “human rights” laws – read this post of mine), I blame religion because I find most religions to be virulently intolerant. The tolerance I refer to is not pacifism, but about respecting other people’s rights, which none of them do. They intrude into personal space, indulge in politicking, and do everything that is taboo in the “separation of church and state” model. From issues like abortion to homosexuality to euthanasia to suicide to free speech, the intrusion goes on and on and on with no end in sight. And I have no patience for this kind of behavior. If people want to be religious, they should try to do it like Voltaire – not allow religion to dictate morality and prescribe ways to start wars. Otherwise it will only end in disaster as far as the world is concerned.

    But then religion is just one of the problems. Atheists like the communists, or the “rationalists” from Tamil Nadu are not exactly friends of freedom.

    Prachanda’s communist crooks and Hindu priests trying to protect their turf are fighting over Nepal’s Pashupatinath temple. And it has hurt Indian sentiments. Absurd.

  • yet_another_hindu_infidel  On January 5, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    one straight solution. metallica – kill ’em all…

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