Sauvik says what I want to about Amartya Sen and his egalitarian ideas. I only wish someone could bribe the jury for the Nobel Prize and make them give out the award to certified lunatics like Ahmadinejad and Chavez – the Peace Prize for the former and the Economics one for the latter. That should destroy the Prize’s reputation and save the world from unintelligent ‘intellectuals’. Collectivists, statists, scum – all of them.

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  • you12  On December 22, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Funny you would say that, awards like these although subjective show an accumulation of achievements in a particular field and NP has been mostly accurate except for economics and peace.

    Personally, having such a thing would be great. You can immigrate any where you want with that thing and Its a good thing to flaunt about,but unfortunately thats all that it is: a status symbol.

    For me NP lost all relevance when it was awarded to Al Gore for “peace”. That man “fought in Nam” ,waged wars as a VP and had done nothing to deserve that prize save for a boring documentary. Add to that, Krugman,Sen, Sadat….

    Although oddly, Keynes was never given a NP and thats odd considering its awarded by a Central Bank. And Jews have been the biggest recipients community wise,now I don’t know whether that refers to the excellence of the Jewish community or something else is going on.

    It ain’t that noble.

  • Aristotle The Geek  On December 23, 2008 at 2:09 am

    I am not referring to the benefits a Nobel Prize winner receives but to the damage the ‘Nobel’ can cause. Imagine this – “Nobel Prize winner XYZ says that pigs can fly. We can’t see it. But since he’s won a Nobel, he must be right.” That’s what is happening as far as economics is concerned. I don’t want to start another acrimonious debate on AGW, but as far as I am concerned, that’s what is happening there too.

    You said it – there is nothing noble about the Nobel.

  • Pramod Biligiri  On December 24, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    I am happy that Krugman won this year. It has given his ideas a lot of prominence and he might look very foolish over the next 2 years ;)

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