The National Illiteracy and Corruption Mission

The socialist Indian government’s main aim is to keep people illiterate and dumb, and institutionalize the practice of corruption. That’s why it has monopolized the education sector in collaboration with “non-profit institutions” – trusts; particularly the so called “education barons”, politicians, most of them. Today’s Mint has an article on the Indian education sector and the perverse practices of government bodies like the AICTE-

P.M. D’Mello, the principal of a pharmacy college here, wants to double student enrollment, fill the empty space in her building and help remedy the shortage of skilled workers that plagues India’s economy.

The government won’t let her.

Under the labyrinthine regulations that govern technical colleges nationwide, the Principal K.M. Kundnani College of Pharmacy must provide 168 square feet of building space for each student. The rule is intended to ensure students have enough space to learn. But it effectively caps enrollment at 300, even though students are spread so thinly in the eight-story building that the top floor remains unused, its lecture halls padlocked.

The rules also stipulate the exact size for libraries and administrative offices, the ratio of professors to assistant professors and lecturers, quotas for student enrollment and the number of computer terminals, books and journals that must be on site.

“I am not free to run this school as I wish,” Ms. D’Mello, 51 years old, says. “I am at the whim of unrealistic demands.”

To start any enterprise related to education, you have to bribe the officials till money flows out of every orifice of theirs; a gazillion permissions to take, and rules to follow, periodic inspections – hell. This then allows the institutes to go on a looting spree of their own – donations and capitation fees. An income tax raid in Pune in 2005 uncovered 100 crores of “black money”. A couple of years later, the CBI raided the residence of the Income Tax official who conducted the raids. How do you expect schools that give and take bribes to impart “education” to children?

Of what use is intelligence when all “leaders” like Nehru and Manmohan Singh can do is make policies that force people to do things they don’t want to do. If you can’t do something constructive, why prevent others from doing so?

The perverse government monopoly and the benefits given to “trusts” must go – non-profit should be treated as a slur. Otherwise Indian parents – rich and poor, and Indian kids – barring the few hundred thousand that come up – some thanks to the few quality institutes available, others in spite of them – will have to continue to beg for quality education. The right to education lies in letting people choose institutes according to their budget and ideas, and in letting professionals and businessmen design programs that prepare kids for jobs. It does not lie in making a joke out of education by terming it a “fundamental right”.

To hell with socialist politicians. To hell with socialism.

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