Markets and stupid people

Read Sauvik Chakraverti’s post and his article in Mint on Say’s “Law of Markets”. Then read his post on sandalwood smuggling. But instead of following the print version of his four-year old article in the Indian Express, read the original version so that you can also read comments made by stupid Indians. Some examples (the bad ones, of course)-

  • Even a hard-capitalistic country like the US protects its public resources like oceans, forests deserts and rivers. People do not make the roads dirty in the US not because they own them but because of stringent fines that are enforced. The authors point that private enterprise should be encouraged in no way contradicts that public resources should be protected as the author thinks it is. Public resources are meant for everyone and if one person is exploiting for his personal needs he doing injustice to his countrymen. The rights of tribals who have lived in jungles for thousands of years should definitely be recognized. The author again confuses the issue of tribals and naxalites with people like Veerapaan and Dawood. According to the author when Dawood extorts money from builders and film producers and kills the people who don’t pay, he is doing “business” and the governement should not interfere. His comments that Veerapan and Dawood are “good” are like a slap in the face of all those parents and wives who have lost their husbands and sons to these evil men. I would encourage Indian Express to check such writers of unsound mind who make sensational statements for publicity.
  • Stop the chatter on socialism. The forest belong to the people of India and just because there is a monkey living there whose head tastes delicious, you cannot go and eat it. The forests have to be preserved for future generations. They have value by just being there. I strongly recommend that Indian Express pay for your studies in Environment and Eco Systems.
  • If the Author justifies elephant poaching calling it as Ivory farming, then why not Kill people for Kidneys and call it as Kidney farming or Kill people for blood and call it blood farming? At least consider the families of people who have been killed in an attempt to nab the brigand and refrain from making such statements.
  • The author has misled the public by giving more importance to the notorious criminals.He should not have requested Indian Express to publish his opinions. By doing so he has done a lot of harm to the society and many youngsters may follow the wrong paths. The laws of the land are to be respected by all the citizens irrespective of the quality/committments of the Politicians towards the nation. To produce good politicians is the duty of every citizen.

And these are the ones who are voting politicians into power. A congregation of donkeys is never going to produce a symphony, only a cacophony. No wonder we are ruled by idiots – zombies voting other zombies into power – the revolt of the educated illiterate.

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