500 orangutans

Edward Cline of The Rule of Reason writes in “The Numerology of Nose-Counting”

I place no importance on “national” polls on any subject, and certainly none on “local” polls or polls conducted within certain groups, such as scientists or parents or garage mechanics, not even when a poll is “positive” on a position I think is rational or proper. They are a hybrid creature of the art of statistics. Like statistics, they can be as skewed and weighted as loaded dice or marked cards. They are as trustworthy as a roulette wheel governed by a discreetly employed, out-of-sight foot pedal.
I would discourage people from voting at all (as a friend once remarked to me, voting only encourages the politicians), in order to give the winner the least possible mandate to govern and intrude into one’s life. Of course, political mandates any more mean little or nothing to our elective aristocracy. I noted in “The Congressional Betrayal of America” and “America vs. Congress” that Congressmen’s phones and computers were overheating from communiqués from their constituents expressing opposition to the proposed bailout. The phenomenon was noteworthy even in the news media.

“The last of [the rights-protecting republic] died on October 3, when Congress betrayed America,” he concludes.

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