Insane ideas

I don’t do five posts a day. Never. But today is an exception because the bad news just keeps on piling up. And how. Some idiots in the UK have come up with a brilliant plan to eavesdrop on and store all internet and telephone traffic of every person in Britain so that they can fight terrorists and terrorism better. Its time some one called their bluff and told them that just like car accidents, terrorist incidents should be considered part of the risk of living in modern times, and it should not make people lose their marbles. Twelve billion pounds to create Big Brother’s mother! Are they nuts?

The Home Office said no decision had been taken but security officials claim live monitoring is necessary to pick up terrorist plots.

It would allow them to capture records like chat room discussions on password-protected Islamic extremist websites.

And the “democratic” western world has the gall to criticize China and Russia for their “record”! In ten years time, when people in America and Europe find themselves weeping in their terror-proof cages, the Chinese would probably be enjoying themselves in Tiananmen Square. Now that would be ironic.

World War I and the reparations imposed on Germany gave rise to Nazi fascism. World War II – the “War against Fascism” – when America and Europe allied with Communist Russia to fight against and defeat the Axis powers, sent half the world into Russia’s arms and started the Cold War. The “War against Communism” was won in Afghanistan with support from the Mujahideen, but it allowed Saudi Arabia to finance the spread of toxic Wahabism across Afghanistan, helped the Taleban, and sowed the seeds for the rise of militant Islam. Now the “War on Terrorism” is going on, and by killing Saddam Hussein, the allies opened the Pandora’s Box in Iraq and let Iran run riot. And now, under the guise of fighting terror, every American, European, Indian is being told that privacy is a luxury that should be given up so that a few hundred lives can be saved each year. Sorry. The answer is no.

Do these guys know how many zeroes are there in 230 billion? Or what an exabyte is? And before someone forgets it, these are the same guys that lost disks containing some information on millions of British kids and also the records of every prisoner jailed in the UK. The person who cooked up this monstrosity needs to be fired. Pronto. End the “war” before it ends you.

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  • blr_p  On October 31, 2009 at 2:40 am

    Have there been any updates to this ‘proposal’ or is it just that ?

    Discussed in Parliament, voted on etc ?

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