A crime is not a crime

when there are no victims – a “victimless crime” is a self-contradictory phrase because without a victim there is no crime.

Whether it is sex, whatever its nature, heterosexual or homosexual, threesomes, foursomes, n-somes, or other kinds of “orgies” or “deviancies”; or dealing with prostitutes; or the consumption of drugs; or smoking; or drinking; or buying and selling pornography; or gambling; or playing the lottery; or buying and selling trans fat loaded fast food; as long as all parties involved are sane and above an objectively defined age of consent, no one – particularly the State – has the right to harass the people involved. Instead of punishing the people indulging in the above mentioned activities, a civilized country will impose the harshest penalty on those who harass these people.

But India is not a civilized country. Its a country where individual rights are trampled upon on a daily basis, where governments, the parliament and the bureaucrats behave as if citizens are their slaves, where groups believe that if they are in a majority or can prove their strength by thrashing others, they can impose their opinions on society, where the highest court of the land throws up its hands and says individuals don’t have the right to their life, where the media has sold its soul to the devil, where people who consume drugs can be thrown in jail for ten years, where suicide attempt survivors can be prosecuted for having survived the attempt…

So its not surprising that the police regularly indulge in busting “rave parties” and shaming kids into covering their faces while leaving the scene of the “crime”; and that the electronic media cannot contain their joy when they run news flashes on screen about spoilt brats (raees zaade) binging on drugs and alcohol.


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  • Vamsee  On October 9, 2008 at 4:22 am

    I play a mental game whenver something ludicrous like this happens. Who’s benifiting from this fiasco, and by how much. The locals might have a better idea. I need to check with the figures when I go there :).

  • you12  On October 9, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    The last word sums it all. But this is the only thing police is good at. They cant’ fight terrorists or criminals for sh*t, unless it is a setup encounter like in Delhi a few days back.

    Unfortunately this mindset of policing the culture is fully supported by our people who don’t realize the difference between orange and apple.

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