Celebration of opportunism

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1. We all know why the SP had to enter into an alliance with the Congress – the deal was the price of the bride.
2. We all know that as far as politics is concerned, Dr. Kalam is not that well informed (and this is an understatement on my part). Science and technology, yes. Politics, no. That he allowed the UPA to coerce him into dismissing the Nitish Kumar government during his term as president, and then allowed the UNPA to use him to further their own political ends, is proof enough. And now the SP is using him as a shield to ward off any attacks on their position vis-a-vis the “nuclear deal”.

That said, if the SP had not supported the Congress, the deal would have been dead. So, let them celebrate. If it weren’t for opportunism, the Indian political machinery would have grinded to a halt ages ago.

Image source: The Economic Times e-paper of 29 September.

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