“Too much democracy”

According to Congress Party’s Veerappa Moily, “there is too much democracy in [India]”. And that is why Narendra Modi has not yet been hanged for the “genocide” he perpetrated in Gujarat.

The Nanavati Commission that Modi appointed to probe the Godhra carnage and subsequent riots has cleared Modi and his government in two specific cases. According to an Indian Express story on the report

  • “There is absolutely no evidence to show that either the Chief Minister and/or any other Minister(s) in his Council of Ministers or Police Officers had played any role in the Godhra incident.”
  • There is no evidence of “any lapse in providing protection, relief and rehabilitation to victims of the communal riots and in the matter of not complying with the recommendations and direction given by the National Human Rights Commission.”

And this is Part 1. The question is, whether Part 2 will say that Modi and his government had a hand in instigating the riots – first attack, then protect? The answer to that is clear as daylight – no. My views on the riots are very clear; as far as I am concerned Modi and his government are responsible – one way or the other – for the riots. I wouldn’t call it genocide, and people might disagree with me. I reserve that word for Milosevic, Pol Pot, Hitler and so on. If we use the term genocide for every major and minor riot, the word will soon lose its sting – the case of the boy who cried wolf too often. But that is not the issue here.

The issue is, what the hell does Veerappa Moily think he is saying? That Modi should be pronounced guilty and hanged without evidence? Would he apply the same logic (as he should) to the post-Indira Gandhi-assassination slaughter of 4000 Sikhs while Rajiv Gandhi watched on, and actually gave his tacit approval to it by saying “when a mighty tree falls, the ground will shake”? I am not saying that just because the Congress Party has blood on its own hands, it has no right to judge or condemn Modi. But Moily’s quip is a reflection of the authoritarian ideology of the Congress Party – it might claim to be centrist or liberal, but such a claim won’t stand scrutiny. It thinks that become Congressmen fought for India’s independence, the Congress Party has some kind of divine right to determine the course of the country without regard to niceties like “democracy”.

The Indian State remains its citizens’ biggest enemy – instead of protecting them from violence, it habitually initiates the use of force. And if it is not doing that, it fails them by not implementing the law; only the naive among us probably believe that the Indian legal system works – I don’t. That is why rioters are never brought to book, and Modi can get away, and it takes thirteen years for the judgment on the Bombay blasts to be pronounced, and Orissa burns with nothing happening. Given this background, and the menace that the Indian State actually is, Moily’s statement is not a comforting one.

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