Anti-capitalism. Anti-life. Anti-mind.

Capitalism is not simply an economic system, it is also a political one – the only system that can protect man’s rights, and those who dismiss capitalism as a system that serves “fat cats”, and advocate socialism instead, do themselves a great disservice. I won’t attempt a defense this time. Instead, I’ll let you listen to Ayn Rand putting forward a moral defense of capitalism in – What is Capitalism?

A choice quote-

The right to agree with others is not a problem in any society; it is the right to disagree that is crucial. It is the institution of private property that protects and implements the right to disagree – and thus keeps the road open to man’s most valuable attribute (valuable personally, socially, and objectively): the creative mind.

Note: The recording (it is a real media audio file) is a condensed but essentially complete version of her essay “What is Capitalism?” from her book “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”.

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