Perverse recommendations

Those who have no problems recommending use of force on all and sundry in order to improve security or on shaky issues like morality should be prepared to act as guinea pigs for their ideas before they are put into practice.

A Rajya Sabha committee is looking into recommendations that includes among others – compulsory licensing of mobile phones and only allowing their use for professional purposes, ban on camera phones so that the “privacy of women” can be protected (why don’t they recommend that all women be forced to adopt the burkha – Renuka Chowdhary will flay them alive!), making the use of mobile phones while driving a non-bailable offense, and prosecuting school and college kids who are found using mobile phones within the premises.

It seems some insane people have placed a “petition for imposition of reasonable restrictions on use of mobile phones” before the committee. These people need a taste of the Russian gulags to set them straight! Really!

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  • you12  On August 24, 2008 at 12:05 am

    I dont know but we indians love authority so much. From Guru devo bhav to kissing police and politicians ass thus it is Hardly surprising that such petitions come up. Are we the only people in this world who feel proud to be hand cuffed like this?

  • aristotlethegeek  On August 24, 2008 at 1:28 am

    You know we aren’t the only ones. People the world over seem to have gotten into the dangerous habit of surrendering their hard earned liberties without thinking about it – a red carpet welcome for the next Hitler.

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