The height of pointlessness

It is sad that “thought leaders” often turn out to be realists or worse – leftists. Among the “thought leaders” whose columns are available at Project Syndicate a few days after newspapers around the world have published them (Stiglitz, De Long, Sachs, Rodrik etc), Bjørn Lomborg is probably an exception. While he is not a libertarian per se – talk of positive government policies for example – he does try to talk about the financial impact of bad political moves on Global Warming Theory and also about the alarmism involved. Read Lights Out? for an example of the sheer pointlessness of the “shut off the lights and show solidarity” drama that the media loves to cover; or An Inconvenient Peace Prize, the article he wrote after the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded.

Speaking of the media, it is responsible for much of the alarmism that is associated with GW which leads terrified people and politicians to make decisions that will put the entire world economy in jeopardy. The late American jurist Roscoe Pound once conducted a research which showed this happening in relation to media reports of a “crime wave”.

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