Cause and effect

I am resigned to the fact that most people do not understand something as simple as the principle of cause and effect (don’t say quantum mechanics, I don’t know what it is), or they understand it but pretend that they don’t. That would probably explain our political class’ POTA itch, as also this article

The availability of easy-to-hack homebased computers needs to be addressed. The government may think of making it mandatory for owners and service providers to use basic security when computers are connected to the internet. The breach of such guidelines should be looked at as criminal negligence and should be prosecuted. It would be wise to plug loopholes immediately rather than wait for more disturbing and gloomy news in the future.
Cycle Of Terror: An Analysis – New laws could make home PCs harder to hack

Murder, rape and theft have vanished after passing laws against them. It therefore stands to reason that tough laws against terrorism and not protecting your pc using basic security will end terrorism and hacking, doesn’t it?

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