Deliberately obtuse

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon as far as India is concerned, and law enforcement must have had plenty of experience with it over the last 25 years. In spite of that we have not been able to prevent fatalities, and if a reminder was necessary, the blasts in Bangalore yesterday and Ahmedabad today have provided that. Thankfully, fatality-wise the incidents don’t compare with Delhi 2005, Bombay 2006 or Jaipur 2008. But while on one hand politicians bore us with their pleas for Hindu-Muslim unity, the BJP and its leaders keep chanting the POTA mantra.

I have nothing to say on this subject that I have not already said before. I simply want to ask the BJP a question Vernon Demerest asked (in Arthur Hailey’s Airport) – “Are you normally stupid or just being deliberately obtuse?”

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