By what right

Governments don’t mind curtailing their citizens’ civil liberties – unrestricted wiretaps, cameras recording each and every movement, telling them what to eat, drink, wear, do. But at the same time, they walk on egg shells around issues that might raise a PC storm. Consider this –

“The current smears against Islam and the Sharia, the filthy cartoons defaming our beloved Prophet and the calls in Holland to ban the Koran are part of the propaganda used as part of the war on Islam, commonly called the war on terror,” Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Taji Mustafa was quoted as saying by the Sunday Express.
“It is a supremacist war that aims to force one system, capitalism, and secular liberal values on the whole world,” he stressed.
Radical Islamic group declares war on British liberal values

The British government is trying to reinterpret Islam for young Muslims so that they can fit into British society. No harm in doing that. But when secular governments start messing around with religion, you can be rest assured that the country is going to the dogs. Don’t believe me? Try India.

Mustafa is basically demanding an unrestricted right to be intolerant. Nothing wrong there – people should have to the right to be as intolerant as they want to be – but his right does not look like it will stop at verbal intolerance. The not-so-hidden baggage that comes along with it is violent censorship – you stop insulting our religion and our prophet, or else….Salman Rushdie, Van Gogh, you know the rest.

If Mustafa is not willing to accept the non-aggression principle, he has no right to demand any rights. Mustafa however seems to believe in the principle of freedom, go to hell.

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