It seems some sitting and former judges are suffering from bouts of irrationality. Judge Stanton’s YouTube judgment scared the shit out of people before more information on his order came to light. Even so, asking a company to send out its entire database of user stats instead of a restricted subset is insane. But given the way the judiciary and legislature operates in the US, it was to be expected.

In India, former Supreme Court judge V.R. Krishna Iyer, in a newspaper column against the Indo-US nuclear deal, wants harsh social justice measures (link thru Churumuri) to be implemented to “clean up” the system. His brilliant idea – a comprehensive Defence of India Code. Not surprising, since he is a socialist. He did, once-upon-a-time, label the Emergency as India’s darkest hour though.

We need the immediate and harsh enforcement of a law that prohibits hoarding and profiteering, black market pricing and racketeering, as was done during the period of the Second World War. These social justice commands ought to be imposed under a comprehensive Defence of India Code with powers of summary search, seizure, confiscation and severe sentence. Lawless cornering and anti-social privatisation should no more be allowed. Defend the people’s right now by rationing all essential commodities and services, petrol and electricity. Social and economic waste disguised as festivals, political, religious and other practices, should be banished through resort to deterrent penalties.

The Indian “system” has already left the citizens of the country half naked and without protection as laws and governments implementing them swing incessantly between feudalism and mob rule with no objectivity or morality in sight. Iyer’s “vision”, if it is ever implemented, will transfer even more power to the crooks and charlatans that run our system. For a country that is already suffering from a terminal condition – socialism – any such attempt will only hasten the process.

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  • Anonymous  On February 23, 2009 at 7:40 pm


    Aristotle says:
    You obviously have no clue what a pseudonym is, and have apparently not read the “about” page. Never encountered titles such as these?

    So, WTF! Again.

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