Married to the mob

Manmohan Singh’s government has demonstrated yet again that it does not have what it takes as far as important decisions are concerned. In spite of it being clear that the two-faced Indian Left will block any attempt at strategic ties between the US and India, I fail to understand what MS was thinking when he arranged a high powered “meeting” with the group.

According to many news reports, MS is very angry about the entire episode and has threatened that he would resign if the nuclear deal does not go through. MS, however, had said the same thing last year, but nothing happened. The Left will not change its mind. Its intention has been clear from day one. So empty threats will not work. And MS should know that.

A year back, I was very strongly in favor of the deal. Now I don’t think it is a good idea, particularly because of the way it is being pushed through. A strategic tie up with the US is a good thing, but not at the cost of running roughshod over substantial political opposition, however opportunistic it may be. It is time that the Indian parliament is given the right to decide on the fate of international treaties, and the government should start working on whatever needs to be done to make this happen, so that similar fiascoes do not occur in the future.

Come January 2009, I think that Obama will be the president of the US. And there is no way the Democrats will walk down Bush’s path. Further, if the current storm blows over and MS accepts the fact that the deal is dead, the government will complete its full term and the general elections will be held in May ’09. If the UPA somehow manages to cool down the economy, there is a real chance that they can come back to power, even with reduced numbers, simply because the BJP’s NDA has been in tatters since 2004 and it has not bothered to mend the same. The only thing the Congress has to figure out is how to put the brutish Left in its place – there can be but one husband in a marriage, and he cannot be a wifebeater; the present UPA-Left relationship fails on both counts.

Let the next government deal with the deal, if the US bothers to renew it that is.

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