Gowda’s grandiose gameplan grounded

Enough has been written and said about the Karnataka elections and I am bored to death. So I will try to keep it short although it hasn’t worked in the past. The BJP has won, and Deve Gowda’s ambitions of crowning his son king again lie in shambles. He played with fire and got burnt since both the BJP and Congress decided to keep their distance after having suffered at his hands. And who can forget the ‘Great Betrayal’?

Now people will start thinking about this election’s effect on the general elections of 2009. My opinion? Not much – the issues this time round were local ones. The BJP will carry the state during the general elections because Yeddyurappa surely won’t mess things up in a period as short as ten months, but it still has to work on rebuilding the NDA because on the basis of present situation, its return to power is a bit unlikely – UP and West Bengal are a cause for worry. General elections are all about alliances and Sonia Gandhi beat Vajpayee the last time round, and even now has strong allies like Karunanidhi, Laloo Yadav and Sharad Pawar.

Back to the Karnataka elections, of course you can never trust the Congress or Gowda. When the UPA could force Kalam’s hand and get the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar dismissed at midnight, they could always join hands with Gowda and some independents to form the government leaving the BJP out in the cold. Chances of that happening seem negligible though because even the independents would prefer a stable government and the BJP can always give all three independents supporting it a berth in the cabinet.

And will someone please tell the Congress to stop giving out stupid reasons like division of the secular vote. The ‘secular vote’ is one of the most idiotic concepts still in existence. It might have some value when used in boiler-room situations like Gujarat, but in most other cases, it is nothing more than a gimmick. When it comes to power, there are no permanent friends or enemies. Why do you think Nitish Kumar is still wedded to the ‘non-secular’ BJP? Laloo, of course.

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