A letter from the Zimbabwean Ambassador

The Zimbabwean Ambassador to India has written a letter to the editor of the Times of India –

Electoral commission has okayed vote recount
The editorial ‘Dictators’ Club’ (Apr 21) carried distortions about Zimbabwe. President Mugabe has not “ordered a recount of the parliamentary votes”. ZANU-PF, one of the two major political parties, successfully appealed to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, an independent body agreed to by all parties, for a recount in 23 of the 210 parliamentary constituencies where that party believes it was prejudiced by fraudulent activities. This is not new in Zimbabwe’s democratic practice, as other parties have in the past applied successfully to the courts for recounting of votes when they felt they might have similarly been prejudiced.

It is also misleading to allege that the empowerment of the indigenous black people of Zimbabwe by returning land to them through a constitutional process was a “forced seizure of whiteowned commercial farms”, and that the decline in production in a country that has suffered seven successive years of drought is on account of the fact that the majority of commercial farmers are now indigenous blacks.

Jonathan Wutawunashe,

TOI e-paper link. And the editorial that has riled up the ambassador.

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