A new kind of CAPTCHA

I have been doing some catching up on Ars Technica, so my next few (short) posts will be related to some of theirs. Okay, here is the first one.

Recently, news arrived that the CAPTCHA employed by Google Mail had been circumvented (if you don’t know what a CAPTCHA is, read the Wikipedia entry). Ars Technica reveals that a new system called IMAGINATION is being worked upon (try it out here) which might very well be the future of CAPTCHA.

I did try it and crossed the first step pretty easily. But I FAILED the second step once and had to retry the test to complete it successfully. The second step shows you an image and provides a list of words from which you have to select the one that accurately describes the image. It is pretty hard because you really have to look closely at the image to figure out what it is. And there are too many words to choose from. They should work on this part a bit.

On the whole, it is a great idea, and I don’t think any bot is going to crack this system any time soon.

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