Infy flays the government

I would have never expected that Infosys would issue such a strong statement either on the issue of the sunset clause on the STPI scheme in the Income Tax Act not being extended (as of yet) or on the issue of infrastructure problems in Karnataka. The fact remains, however, that the vice-like grip of government on economic and infrastructure policy continues, and can make or break companies.

While the infrastructure comment can be understood to some extent, I am worried about the comment on sops under the Income Tax Act. If companies begin asking the government for help, they are putting themselves at its mercy. In present day politics, where taxation is used more as a punishment-and-reward mechanism rather than as a means to collect revenue, if the government relents, sooner or later, it will knock on the door and demand its pound of flesh. Shylock had morals, and only demanded what was his. Can you say the same about the government?

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