A race to the bottom…

…is always won by the one who has nothing to lose and everything to gain. And it does not take much effort either.

After Shiv Sena’s stunt yesterday, the MNS diktat to private companies was to be expected sooner or later. Raj Thakrey’s 80% figure is too low I say. He should have gone for 200% – fire all current employees, and then employ double the number of employees actually required. Everybody will have a job and things will be back to normal, won’t it?

No. The first thing that will happen is the better companies will slowly but surely start migrating out of Maharashtra – those with scruples do not like having their hand forced. In any case, discriminatory policies emanating from the Center that provide excise holidays and similar sops to companies locating their factories in ‘backward’ states has already seen many companies shifting their manufacturing to such states. Does the MNS understand the impact of such a policy on Maharashtra – the most industrialized state in India? No. If you employ muscle men instead of ‘mind’ men, you will never understand this in a thousand years.

If you can say one good thing about parties like the Shiv Sena and MNS, it is the fact that they take up a simple issue and keep fighting on it without caring about what anyone else says. This is in direct contrast to the attitude of the BJP and Congress. These two parties are among the worst India has to offer, for they have no spine and will change the issues they fight on depending on which way the wind is blowing. Together, they have redefined the word ‘unscrupulous’.

Coming back to the race to the bottom part, the Supreme Court will decide on the 27% OBC reservation issue tomorrow. I can say one thing on this. If you really believe in the concept of reservations – any reservations – as a method of improving the lives of particular groups, you are defrauding yourself. The lack of something, or the mere fact that a person belongs to a particular race, religion, caste, group, whatever, cannot be a claim on anything. Even if you provide reservations to one group, there will always be one more minority who will come to the table and ask for a seat – since the restriction is not on the basis of affirmative qualities, but negative ones. But in this day and age of kleptocracies masquerading as welfare states further masquerading as liberal democracies, logic and reason are irrelevant when it comes to debates (this debate on what governments are supposed to do and why democracy doesn’t work in expected ways needs more introspection and reading before I can tackle it, so I will end this line of thought here itself). Given our political system, and constitution, I have no hope from the SC. It can only interpret laws – it cannot make them.

So forget old concepts like logic, merit, reason and morals. After all, it is a race to the bottom. And, if you are a good guy, sorry to say this; but you have lost even before you could compete.

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  • pr3rna  On April 10, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    There is some relief in the Supreme Court judgment. The creamy layer is out. I was more upset about the creamy layer although I am totally against reservations.

  • aristotlethegeek  On April 10, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    Have been watching the news and reading stuff on the web for some time now. We are not against reservations per se… some start to argue. The moment you accept the principle that some people need to be treated in a special manner, you have yourself put a noose around your neck. Now all that the politicos and bleeding hearts need to do is pull it. And that is the end of all logical debates on that subject. Given this, and the fact that 27% reservations are now a reality, whether or not the creamy layer is excluded is really irrelevant.

    It is ironical that in an attempt to do social justice, people don’t mind doing gross injustice. A case of the end justifying the means.

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