The customer is always right because the customer is an MP

The Air India spokesman did not say that. But he probably meant that. An MP who indulges in a verbal brawl with a pilot, and then threatens to file a privilege motion against him in parliament – now that is news.

It is very difficult to judge who is speaking the truth when there are only two parties involved in an incident and both tell entirely different tales. But this time, things should be a little easier because one of the parties is a politician. Ever known an honest politician? But what if poor MP Wahab is telling the truth? Even in that case, he has to suffer vitriolic commentary for quite sometime because of the reputation his brethren in politics have made for themselves.

There is an old saying which goes like – never drink milk under a palm tree, for people will simply assume you are drinking toddy. Fits like a glove in this case.

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