The dark (pun NOT intended) side of political correctness?

Two professors from Northwestern University have conducted a study which suggests that whites who are particularly worried about appearing racist seem to suffer from anxiety that instinctively may cause them to avoid interaction with blacks in the first place.

People might say what they want, but it has been my opinion for quite some time that political correctness does a great disservice not only to personal relations but also to the concept of liberty. Racists are not going to be swayed by politician correctness, but those people who are borderline cases, or mess up by speaking before they think, or are absolutely innocent but have motives ascribed to their actions, are the ones who are victimized. But will people listen? Unfortunately, no. Want an example? Keith Sampson is one of the many victims of the cry wolf brigade.

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  • shirish  On April 7, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    hi aristotle,
    nice article. We have something in common. If possible, drop me a line at my mail and perhaps we can shoot the breeze about something or the other ;)

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