“Everyone’s got an opinion.” – Dr. Gregory House

Does House have a view on the death penalty? If he has, he isn’t telling us. This episode deals with a patient who is an inmate on the death row. Since he is black, should Foreman sympathise with him? Well, he does not, as he has shown before. If he can recover from a troubled past, why should anyone else be granted special favours.

But, as the episode is coming to an end, the diagnosis is such that the man’s illness might have been one of the reasons he is on death row (a tumour that lead to an adrenaline rush, which then made him excessively violent). Here Foreman does soften up a bit (upbringing and biology are two different things according to him) and wants to go and testify in court during the man’s appeal. Does it make it all right for this man to have murdered people when scores of others manage to control their violence? This is House’s counter argument. Foreman is puzzled.
Foreman: You want him to be executed?
House: That’s not what I’m saying.
Foreman: Got an opinion?
House: Everyone’s got an opinion.

Houseism from the episode – Acceptance (Season 2, Episode 1). Get the transcripts for your favourite House M.D. episodes from Twiz Tv.

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